Our Story

Our mom, Mila Gonzales, has always been passionate about two things — her family and her kitchen.

Must be Mom’s founders (from left to right): Mia Gonzales-Tan, Mila Gonzales, and Mai Gonzales-Genato

Our mom has always wanted the best food for her family, and she believed that nothing beats homemade cooking. “Homemade goodness” was a concept that we grew up with, as she made everything from scratch — from famous Filipino dishes, native desserts, cakes, pies, fruits shakes, and even chicharon! Name it, and she would make it! It was always a joy for our friends and relatives to eat in our home because they knew that our mom would always serve them something extraordinarily delicious from her kitchen.

In 2000, with orders for her dishes rapidly increasing, our mom decided to put up her own business called Mom’s Manyaman. My mom comes from Pampanga, and “Manyaman” means delicious in Kapampangan. She created savory dishes and desserts from her kitchen at home and started delivering them to offices, schools, and hospitals.

Our mom’s brand: Mom’s Manyaman (2000)

In 2002, she found a space in Greenhills and successfully put up her first store. Her freshly-baked ensaymadas became her best-seller.

In 2005, armed with our vision to spread “homemade goodness” to more people and to pay tribute to our mom’s love for family through her cooking, my sister and I resigned from our corporate jobs. We joined my mom’s business, and gave it a more meaningful name — Must Be Mom’s.

We joined my mom’s business and gave it a more meaningful name—Must Be Mom’s.

Must be Mom’s is essentially about homemade goodies made with love. We all know that home-cooked food is made from all-natural and premium ingredients, hearty, delicious, and beautifully served. Goodies from home is one of the best gifts a mother can give to her family.

With our desire to share “homemade goodness” to more people, we strive to always create the best products that will happily fill the tummies and nourish the hearts of our customers.

Freshly-baked ensaymadas and other homemade goodies made with love.

Moreover, we pray that our business will celebrate and honor all mothers, and remind them what a privilege it is to be a mom. Must be Mom’s hopes to bring out the best in all moms, and inspire them to create a loving and Godly home for their families.

Mai Gonzales-Genato and Mia Gonzales-Tan